Write a story about computer security incident

This story should be a minimum of 5 single space pages in length and font size 12. Your story can take this forms: (1) describe the potential compromising of the security around a valued asset.The story should be broken down into the following stages:

Act I – Here we learn about the particular asset that is being protected/attacked. We should be introduced to at least one good guy that is defending this asset. We should also get an overview of the types of defenses that are in place to protect the asset.

Act II – Here we are introduced to the bad guy(s). We should learn a bit of their motivation for wanting to acquire the asset. We should also get a broad overview of the plan to compromise the security surrounding the asset.

Act III – The attack begins. Detailed steps should be given as the bad guy(s) execute their attack plan and how the security system/good guy(s) are reacting to each step of this attack. The action in this act should end as the attackers encounter an unexpected problem that threatens their success.

Act IV – In this final act, we begin by solving the dilemma encountered at the end of Act III. The action then completes as the final stages of the attack unfold, resulting in either the successful attainment of the desired asset, or in a failed attack. Plot twists are welcome.

Epilogue – In this short ending, we examine what happens after the action is over. Do the bad guys enjoy the spoils of victory, or suffer the consequences of defeat?