Week one phd program | Psychology homework help


Choose one concept, research finding, or question that stood out to you in your readings and content assigned for this week. Find an empirical research article about this that was published in the scientific literature and provide a summary of that article here answering the following questions. Attach the article to your post, and provide an APA style reference for it at the bottom of your post.   

1. What is the item that stood out to you and why?

2. What did the authors of the study you selected examine in their research? What did they hypothesize and why (rationale)?

3. What methods did they use? 

4. What were the most meaningful findings the authors reported?

5. What is one limitation to their study?

6. How do the findings from this study help you better understand the content from this week?

Part 2

Let’s start talking about proposal topics! I encourage you to consider a topic that you can envision as your dissertation.  It’s ok if you aren’t there yet but make sure to at least pick a topic you are interested in (it will make everything easier).  For Part 2 this week tell us what topic you are thinking of.  Remember proposals will be very specific so aim to get close to a level of specificity that’s workable (perhaps one that could lead to key terms to assist in the lit review).  

At a minimum see if you can get it down to at least 2 variables (more is ok). For example, parenting styles and self-esteem.    

  • Chapter 31: Clore, G. L. & Schiller, A. J. (2016). New light on the affect-cognition connection. In L. Feldman Barrett, M. Lewis, & J. M. Haviland-Jones (Eds.), Handbook of Emotions, 4th Ed. (pp. 532-546). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

In addition, read the following articles/webpage: