Troubleshooting | cybersecurity | Capella University

Each topic can be 1-2 paragraphs which will sum up to 2 pages. I’ve attached the template needed for the assignment along with the grading rubric

Complete the following in a Word document titled “Assessment 5”:

  1. You can troubleshoot a failed Windows startup or boot-up by pressing the F8 key to take you to the Advanced Boots Option Screen for more options as the system reboots. After exhausting most of the options there without success in resolving the boot issue, you decide to revert to a previously good working system configuration by choosing the Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) option. Described the implications of doing so.
  2. Explain possible reasons why it is sometimes necessary to open the command prompt with administrative privileges.
  3. The Event Viewer is a built-in tool in Windows systems for diagnosing system issues. 
    • Identify one of the errors shown on the Event Viewer Log found in the Resources, and suggest a possible reason for it.
    • Assume the source of the error that you identified is correct, and suggest a series of steps that you would undertake to further investigate and address the problem. State any assumptions you need to make as you step through your troubleshooting process.