Project proposal: literature review and solution

1) Conduct a literature review to evaluate solutions to the previously identified problem (Patient-centered Care and Education: Risks across the life-span/ Discharge planning including home environment needs)

  • Critique a minimum of 7 (different than previously used) peer reviewed articles to provide a sufficient and compelling research base for a proposed solution. 
    • Critique the relevance of the literature to your problem statement
    • Critique articles for the quality of the science (design, methods, validity and reliability, and conclusions)
    • Evaluate ideas that will inform your solution
    • Complete an annotated bibliography for each article following APA format.
      • Summarize the problem, methods utilized, findings, and conclusions

2) Format a 1,000-word paper that evaluates the proposed solution. Include the following in your evaluation.

  • Analyze how the proposed solution will address the problem
    • How is the proposed solution applicable in this specific organization?
    • What, if any, modifications have you made to your proposed solution from what was gleaned from the literature review?
    • Evaluate the ways in which the proposed solution is consistent with current research knowledge.
      • What are the unique or parallels between the implementation of this solution and the literature?
      • Analyze potential barriers to the feasibility of implementing the proposed solution
        • How will leadership support, staff buy-in, finances, legal/regulatory issues, and information technology issues impact the feasibility of implementing the proposed solution?
      • Analyze the ways in which the proposed solution is consistent with the organization or community culture and resources
        • What cultural issues which would support or hinder your proposed solution?

Format your paper consistent with APA formatting guidelines. Include the 7 critiqued references.


DEADLINE: 9/7/16 @ 8am PST (California time)