Modify the module | Computer Science homework help

1) Modify the Module 5 Car class to provide a start() method that overrides the Vehicle class start() method and a speedUp() method that overloads the Vehicle class speedup() method.  The initial code for the Car and Vehicle classes, and the TestCar2 driver class from Module 5 is shown below.   The Car class’s overriding start() method must start a car in a southerly direction at zero speed.  The Car class’s overloaded speedup() method should just accept the additional miles per hour that the car should start moving from its current speed.  Modify the TestCar2 driver class to form a new TestCar3 driver class that creates a myCar3 instance and uses single start() and single speedup() method calls to use the Car class’s start() and speedup() methods only to accelerate it by 50 mph.  Be sure that you include the course, the program number, your name, and the date in your program header.  Include additional comments as necessary and maintain consistent indentation for good programming style as shown in the text.  Be sure that you capture all of your output for this program’s execution for full credit! 

 2) You may use any Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) you choose to develop your source code, compile and link your code, and execute your program (jGRASP is recommended).  Or you may use the Windows Command Prompt.    You are to submit the following deliverables in a single Microsoft Word file in this order, and clearly labeled.     a) A screen snapshot of your Java source code (all file(s) shown separately)  displayed in the IDE or Windows editor showing a successful compilation if possible (only the beginning of the source file(s) are necessary).  

Java Interactive GUI Application for Number Guessing with Colored Hints  (based on Module 7 material)  1) Develop a Java application that plays a “guess the number” game as described below. a) Your application first gets a random number in the range 1-1000 inclusive (you might want to use Math.random() or the Random class).   b) The application then displays the following prompt (probably via a JLabel):