Mmw6 | History homework help

  1. Plato uses Socrates as the central character in his dialogues.  Thucydides also sets characters in dialogue in his work.   In what ways do these two authors share at least one major common interest?  In what ways do they have at least one major difference?  To answer this, select and identify at least one passage from each author to explain your views.  
  2. Select and comment on one aspect in the early (pre-Classical) period of Greek history.  How does this help with our understanding of Geek culture and history?  Draw specifically on the content from this week. 
  3. Looking at this week’s content, how might you compare or contrast Greek culture and history with that of previous content in this course.  Select at least one important aspect in your discussion.  Draw on course content and be specific.

Read World Together World Apart chapter 5 and the pages below to answer the questions.