Import – export assignment | Marketing homework help

Global Marketing Assignment:

Pick an import-export company that is of interest to you. It can be a US or foreign-based company. In a 2-page report, present an overview of that company. It should include:

 Country of headquarters/charter

 Number of employees

 Years in business

 Countries where it exports/imports

 Type(s) of operations, e.g., truck, rail, container shipping, etc.

 Types of goods it imports/exports

 Any other available/pertinent profile information

 Your personal thoughts pro and cons of its operations

 Suggestions for improving/expanding their operations

Material for this assignment can be obtained from the company’s website, your textbook, and other published/online sources. Please provide a bibliographic list of your references (MLA) at the back of your paper. Your grade will be based on the thoroughness of your analysis and research. Submit your completed assignment in hard copy.