I need help with sentence combining…i am new on here also and i am


Combine each sentence group into one sentence by coordinating ideas.


  1. Everyone in the Park family likes athletics. Everyone participates in the annual 10K Fun Run.
  2. Mike works hard in chemistry to get good grades. He works hard in English, too.
  3. Mary Karr is an interesting writer. She has made writing her career.
  4. On Saturdays I prepare breakfast for my family. My brother makes lunch. We both help Mother cook dinner.
  5. Sinta knows how to make flat Javanese shadow puppets. Luis knows how as well. They are planning a puppet show for the Children’s Fair.
  6. Melissa will drive the car to the train station. She will pick up the rest of the family. Her sister will stay at the house.
  7. Many people do not understand astrophysics. Many do not understand quantum mechanics.
  8. A small leak in the aquarium turned into a big one. All of the fish had to be removed and put into other tanks.
  9. Sandra’s truck ran out of gas on the highway. She flagged down a passer-by for help.
  10. The community center was paid for by Mrs. Wang. She also donated her Chinese art collection to the local museum.
  11. Tim mentioned the name of a football player. We had not heard of him before.
  12. African American engineer Granville T. Woods obtained at least fifty patents. He received the first patent in l884.
  13. Dr. Ralph Bunch earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He became the first African American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
  14. Citizens will oppose building the fertilizer plant. They are concerned about water and air quality.
  15. Alicia Alonso began to lose her eyesight at the age of nineteen. She danced and taught classical ballet for almost half a century.
  16. She will win the triathlon. Everyone at the finish line expects it.
  17. The room has two doors. One of them is always locked.
  18. Glaciers covered part of North America. They extended as far south as the Ohio River Valley.




Combine the independent clause with the clauses below it to create a new sentence. Use the combined clauses as indicated in parentheses.


l. Judge Elizabeth Fry passed sentence on a man.


  • She was a strict jurist. (appositive phrase)
  • He had continued to drive his car. (adjective clause)
  • His license had been revoked. (adverb clause)




2. The winning photograph showed a group of basketball players.


  • They were “frozen” in midair. (participial phrase)
  • They jumped for the ball. (adverb clause)




3. The children earned money for their class trip.


  • They earned money by the sale of old newspapers to recycling plants. (gerund phrase)
  • They had collected the newspapers from their neighbors. (adjective clause)




4. Merchants used to put up picture signs.


  • Many people couldn’t read. (adverb clause)
  • These would show what they had to sell. (infinitive phrase)






5. George Moore had a cat.


  • It forced him to pay attention to it (adjective clause)
  • It got his attention when it jumped onto his desk and when it took his pen from his hand (gerund )
  • Moore was an Irish novelist (appositive)