Global perspective assignment | Marketing homework help

First, read and take notes on the following two newsletters, paying attention to similarities and differences on the issue of women’s suffrage.

Then, write a letter exchange or spoken dialog between two women in 1920 on opposite sides of the women’s suffrage issue. Creatively explain who the women are and how they are related. Perhaps they are a mother and daughter, two friends, pen pals, or sisters. Regardless of their relationship, they are on opposite sides of this issue. Write a dialog in which each woman attempts to persuade the other to change their mind on the issue of suffrage. Write either at least 4 short letters (1 paragraph each) or 300-400 words of dialog. 

Note: This assignment includes documents with complex images or text that are not accessible when utilizing assistive technology. Should you require accommodation, please reach out to your instructor via Canvas message at least one week in advance so that we can work out alternate sources.