Discussion responses windows server 2012 (due tonight-no length

This is for two discussion responses, which are overdue, so sooner the better. Each question requires two APA scholarly references, each. No length requirement, just be to the point and thorough. Dont worry about paper format as this will just be posted in an online class environment for discussion.

1. What are some new features of Windows Server 2012?

2. Consider a large organization, CompanyX, with almost 10,000 users in various locations across the Midwest. There is a headquarters location, 9 branch locations, and many employees who travel for sales and marketing. The remote employees need to access company applications and file share resources while traveling, and a couple of the branch locations are very small and can be treated similar to remote employees. The CIO wishes to offer a robust IT solution for these employees, while consolidating server hardware as much as possible to minimize expenses. List several roles and features in Windows Server 2012 that would allow CompanyX to meet these requirements.