Create a banking account register


Create a banking account register. The register will include Account
Name, Account Number, and Account Balance, and it will allow a user to enter deposit or withdrawal
information. Throughout the chapters, you were given all of the tools necessary to complete this task.
Use a flowchart to help with your decisions and the programming example in Chapter 9 to help with the
project. Good luck!
1. The initial graphical user interface should contain a label that contains your name and MEID#,
and it should provide two user interaction options: Enter Account Information and Clear.  
2. When the user selects Enter Account Information, the graphical user interface should provide
three options: Account Name, Account Number, and Beginning Balance.  
3. After the user enters the correct information, allow him/her to continue by using the Continue
4. The selection of Continue should provide the user with Withdrawal Amount and Deposit
5. The Continue button selection should also make the label Beginning Balance read Available
Balance, and the text boxes in Account Information should become read‐only.  
6. Allow users to enter Withdrawal Amount and Deposit Amount and change Account Balance
7. Clear Withdrawal and Deposit amounts/text boxes so users can continue to enter additional
8. The user should be able to add as many withdrawals and deposits as he/she wants.  
9. The Clear button should clear the program and return to Step 1 whenever it is selected.  
Design Rules
1. Completing the flowchart is required.  
2. The flowchart must contain detailed process flow, defined variables, and decisions.  
1. All TextBoxes that contain a numeric value should be validated.  
2. If an incorrect value is entered, notify the user and allow the user to retry.  
3. Negative values are allowed.  CIS162AD                                                       Rio Salado College                                                 C#: Level I
Objects and Structures
1. Separate the business logic from the presentation layer in the form of a class. You performed
this task in Chapter 4.  
2. Use visible property to activate fields with a button click. (This is explained on pages 490 − 492
of the textbook and can be found in Chapter 9’s programming example: “TempAgency.”)  
3. The Clear method can be found on pages 371, 428, 438 − 440, 492, and 496 of the textbook.  
4. Follow the rules stated above to create the program.  
Form Layout
1. The form should include a label with your name and MEID# XXXXX is visible at all times.  
2. The user should be able to click a button to enter account information or clear the form.  
3. Your form should include the Account Name, Account Number, and Beginning Balance.  
4. The user should be able to click a button to enter withdrawal and deposit amounts.  
5. The user should be able to click a button to submit withdrawal and deposit amounts.  
6. The user should be able to clear the form by pressing the Clear button