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Share with the class your feelings about what you have learned or achieved in this module, how you would apply what you have experienced in this class toward other modules in the program and/or your work, and what you would prefer to be different if you were taking this course again.

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Course Name: Managing the Software Enterprise


This course is for those in a management capacity, or those interested in management, involving the strategic consideration of software acquisition, development and project management. The role of software within organizations is examined from human, social, knowledge, business and software perspectives. Software needs to be acquired, and the course examines methods from off-the-shelf products to software development processes with their various lifecycles from traditional approaches to agile methods and open source. Once acquired software needs to be maintained and evolved, and theories and methods for this are examined.

Course topics include:

· An overview of software within the information society including problems with software and its limitations.

· The social and organisational context of software including the organisational models, the relationship between software and the organisation, economic and social considerations, and ethical and legal considerations.

· The processes for acquiring software including obtaining off-the-shelf software, “free” software, and software services.

· Software development activities including a review of the software development lifecycle: requirements, estimation, architectural and detailed design, coding and testing, quality assurance, and maintenance.

· Software processes including various sequential, iterative and agile development methodologies/models.

· Managing the software process including managing resources, work products, quality, and risk.