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Citizen Kane has been called one of the greatest films of all time. Many of you may disagree, but why does the film get that recognition by almost all critics and directors? Think back to the question I asked you at our first class forum, “What is it that makes a movie great?”

Please comment regarding the following questions below and then reply to two of your classmates’ postings as well (Remember your word counts – the answers  should contain at least 350 words total 

1) Understanding that an American movie had rarely, if ever, been shot like this before, why do you think Welles and his cinematographer used lighting the way they did?

2) Pick one or two specific camera shots you noticed and describe what the filmmaker was trying to say with your chosen shots.

3) Pick one example of symbolism you noticed in the film.

4)  What do you think Welles was trying to say with this film?  In other words, what is the meaning of the movie?  Why did he make ‘Rosebud’ such a mystery?