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This assignment will challenge you to think about the concepts of entrepreneurship and born-global firms. Please research and address the questions below in a 1000–1500-word APA style research paper.1. Go back to our textbook’s definition of entrepreneurship. Do you think the definition is sufficient and accurately describes the term? Why or why not?2. Research alternative definitions and articles describing entrepreneurship. Based on your research, come up with your own definition for entrepreneurship that will improve and expand on the ones provided in the book.3. What does the Bible say about entrepreneurship? Are there any example of entrepreneurship in the Scripture?4. Research the term and also examples of born global firms. Provide 3 recent (within last 10 years) example of successful born global companies.5. What are some similarities that born global companies share (in terms of product types, management approach, marketing strategies, etc.).6. Discuss the concept of born global from a Biblical perspective. Are there any example of born-global organizations in the Scripture?Your paper should incorporate at least 8 external references and at least 1 full Bible verse.

The book being discussed is 

  Global Business, 4th Edition (Cengage Learning US, 2017). Mike Peng. ISBN: 9781305500891.