Assignment introduction imagine you are a filing clerk at a




Imagine you are a filing clerk at a local hospital. You work in several different areas of the hospital, including some physician’s offices.

Your work assignment this week will take you to four different offices on the hospital campus. Your job is to manually file in a large number of paper-based patient charts.

As you are reviewing your work assignment and specifics, you realize that each of the four areas you are assigned file their patient charts in a different manner. The physician’s office files alphabetically by patient last name. The other hospital departments each use a different type of numeric filing: straight numeric, middle digit, and terminal digit.

In order to be successful at this work assignment, you decide to practice the different types of filing methods. Complete this practice exercise to increase your comfort and confidence in the different filing methods.


Paper-based health records are typically stored in a filing system (cabinet, shelving unit) for easy access and retrieval.  Health records are filed either alphabetically or numerically according to a numbering sequence. Electronic health records are also assigned an ID number and stored electronically.