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Here is my classmate Blog i want you to write your opinion about what is saying in 250 words.


I need Basic academic words. No reference just your own words.


I have pondered over this question all week long, and I do not think I can come up with an answer. If we all want the same things worldwide, things like love, acceptance, peace, why is it so difficult for a force eight billion people strong to get this done?  The best thing I can do at this point is to come up with my best guess, and I guess the reason we as people are not able to achieve whatever we desire universally is because of vanity.

In my opinion I think that vanity is what stops us from achieving universal goal because we desire to be better than everyone else around us, and so as humans we will come up with every standard or criteria we can think of to prove we are better than or different from our neighbor. This difference we try to highlight causes division which destructs us from the common goal.  If siblings are not trying to outdo the other the number of fights between them would decrease drastically. If workmates are not trying to prove ones superiority to another, productivity would go up. If one religion is not trying or convince the public that theirs is the only right way, the number of religious killings would reduce drastically. Think about the wars we have today, they exist because each side feels they are better than the other. Imagine that a one of the countries at war would submit to the other and for the sake of peace and acknowledge that the opposing country is more superior.

We are so focused on being “better” than everyone else we forget to keep our eyes on the goals we all desire.