Benchmark – kitchen heaven project case study (part 6)

The purpose of this Case Study assignment is to walk through the logical framework (LogFrame) and to create the project management documents needed to successfully lead a project and to finish answering the question How do we get there? 

General Requirements:

  • Reread the Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study in Heldman et al. pages 84-87, 139-141, 190-193, and 283-285.

Part 1: Action Steps

  • For each activity listed in the Action Steps section in the Logical Framework template complete the Resources, Budget (if given in the case), and Due Dates.
  • Add anticipated resources for each action step/activity. Include all types of resources including human, technical, and physical resources.
  • Add budget information as provided in the case. If budget information not specifically provided in the case, no budget information is required.
  • Estimate potential due dates for each action step/activity. These estimates should support the planned/expected end date of the project as defined in the case. Document assumptions made in setting the due dates.

Part 2: RACI Matrix

  • Complete the RACI Matrix Template. Add rows as needed.
  • Each action step/activity must be listed in the RACI matrix.

Part 3: PowerPoint Presentation

  • Create a short 3-minute presentation discussing the final Logical Framework and how the proposal meets the Goals presented in the­­­ case.
  • The time limit is 3 minutes. No longer.
  • A maximum of three slides not including the cover and reference slide.
  • Speaker notes are expected.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.