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The title: Exploring the Psychological distress among frontline’ Nurses during COVID-19

Setting: King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Qualitative Study.


1- Introduction: talk in general about the psychological distress, frontline nurses, Covid-19. World health organization’ opinion about psychological distress, supporting that with previous national & international studies. also, including the aim of the study.

2- Theoretical framework: how is it suitable for the study, make an argument about it. Mention previous studies use this framework. Show how do you apply the theory with the variables. Show it in a figure model.

3- Significant of the study: mention previous studies talked about this study title, why it is important, is going to make differences? How will it be published?

4- Material and Methods: don’t mention the hospital name just, write (Saudi Government Hospital. 

–  study design: talk about their emotion and experience, talk about the design type like (phenomenon or ground … etc.). and mention some previous talk about the design type.

–  participants and setting: talk about them generally, like their type, numbers, age, work, ward…etc.

–  Data collection: how did you collect the data, what did use for that.

–  Saturation: how did you judge that you feel saturated for the sample?

–  Rigors:  how you will apply validity & reliability. Using supported study (has 5-6 steps in qualitative study, read about it and use them).

5- Finding: 

– data collection

– data analysis

– tabulation data

– Methodological rigors

6- Discussion: first, you mention the aim of the study then, mention all themes separately with its interpretation and mention a pervious supported study with all sub themes separately.

7- Limitation

8- Conclusion: in summary, including the recommendations

9- Implication: 

– For research 

– For education

10- References: revising them and add the new references.