Mobile crm | Computer Science homework help

For this task, you will write an essay of no more than 2,000 words. Select one of the following topics:

Mobile CRM, Chapter 2 (textbook, pp. 2-26 to 2-31)


IPv6, Chapter 3 (textbook, p. 3-17 and pp. 3-39 and 3-40)


Mobile Agent, Chapter 2 (textbook, pp. 2-41 to 2-48)


An approved topic in mobile computing and commerce 
This choice allows you the freedom to explore newer topics in mobile computing and commerce technologies. Youust have your topic approved by your tutor. Please submit a topic proposal of no less than 200 words to your tutor before you begin work.


Whatever topic you choose, your essay will involve exploring, explaining, and demonstrating the merits of the technology. You must provide an overview of the technology’s principles and functionality, a description of technical capabilities and restrictions, and a short example or case study that illustrates some of the technology’s more advanced features. The example/case study does not have to be real or complex, but must clearly demonstrate the technology’s important functionality.