Ethics and diversity in family practice

750 words

This assignment focuses on a case study, The Case of Marie, which you  completed as a part of this unit’s studies. This case involves an  ethical dilemma with a diverse family, and the dilemma itself, like most  ethical issues in group work, is potentially two-fold:

  1. The dilemma among the group members, as well as the content and manner of their communication with you.
  2. The ethical dilemma within yourself, as you examine your own  natural preferences and biases in the context of the group and its  needs.

At all levels of social work practice (micro, mezzo, and macro),  the diversity of personal preferences and biases always presents the  possibility of ethical compromise. Combined with potential ethical  issues within the diverse situations, beliefs, and actions of the group  members themselves, any given situation can quickly become ethically  clouded.

Assignment Description

Your task for this assignment is to identify the ethical issues at  play, describe their potential consequences, and, finally, using the  National Association of Social Workers (NASW) code of ethics and other  researched resources, apply a principled framework for resolving the  dilemma. Use the link located in the Resources to visit NASW’s Web site;  you may search the site to find information regarding NASW’s code of  ethics and essential steps for ethical problem-solving.

Note: You may find it beneficial to complete the discussion activity for this unit before beginning work on this assignment.

Assignment Instructions

Using this unit’s readings, case study, NASW resources, and scholarly literature, complete the following for this assignment:

  1. Identify NASW essential steps for ethical problem solving to apply to the case study.
  2. Identify what type of data you would need to collect in order to make ethical decisions.
  3. Describe the ethical dilemma presented in the case study, and  identify areas of ambiguity, including the possible consequences that  could result if different steps were chosen.
  4. Based on your research, apply best practices related to ethical decision-making models.
  5. Explain the areas of NASW code of ethics in question as you apply  the strategies of ethical reasoning to arrive at principled decisions.
  6. Describe where your personal values come into play as you apply  the strategies of ethical reasoning to arrive at the principled decision  and how you will manage these personal values.