Cis 109 week 8 and 9 discussion


  • This week was all about programming. We looked at several types of programming. Do some internet research or use Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to look up influential programmers. Choose one or two to further research. Look specifically for information related to their experiences getting into programming or learning to program. Look for interesting facts about that person or stories that might inspire you. Share your chosen programmer in the discussion and one thing you found most interesting or inspiring about them or their programming experience.
  • Answer this question: Why is it important for you as a business professional in your chosen field to know how to program?


 As a business professional, why does the following difference matter to you? Why does knowing the difference help you avoid some common mistakes?

  • Information technology contains three major components: Hardware (such as computers), Software (such as operating systems and office software), and Data (the facts, figures, and numbers collected from the daily activities of the organization).  
  • Information systems contain those same components, with two additions: People (such as the employees who work there), and Procedures (such as the step-by-step instructions employees follow to complete a sale).