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1. America has certain advantages in terms of geography and natural resources as discussed in the text and lecture. Details these and comment on their importance to our nation’s development. 

2. Article V in the constitution specifies the process by which the constitution can be amended. Explain all options in this process in detail. Identify at least two recent proposals to amend the constitution discussed in either the text or lecture

3. Define the concept of power as presented in the lecture. Discuss the nature of power. Why is power both necessary for government but dangerous, as well? Be sure to present detailed examples from lecture or current events to illustrate your assertions.

4. What is the national supremacy clause? Why is it important? In your answer be sure to address the U.S. Supreme Court case of McCulloch v. Maryland.

5. It is said, in demographic terms, that America is graying. What does this mean? What is causing it? Be specific. What is the AARP and why are they becoming increasingly politically important?

6. Is federalism a good system? Provide two pros and two cons from the text/lecture discussion in Chapter 3. What do you think? Provide a clear explanation.

7. Define the term democracy. What is meant by the term representative democracy? Is the United States a representative democracy? Provide examples illustrating your answer.

8. Hispanics/Latinos are becoming increasingly important in our political system. Provide a detailed breakdown of demographics for this group as discussed in the text and lecture. What are some of the differences within this group? Be specific.

9. The constitution structures our government with separation of powers, creating checks and balances. Describe this system in detail, including the role of federalism. Provide examples illustrating how the system works.