Jmp data work | Numerical analysis homework help

The dataset contains data on used cars on sale during the late summer of 2004 in the Netherlands. It has 1436 records containing details on 38 attributes, including Price, Age, Kilometers, HP, and other specifications.

  1. Explore the data using the data visualization (e.g., Graph > Scatterplot Matrix and Graph > Graph Builder) capabilities of JMP. Which of the pairs among the variables seem to be correlated? (Refer to the guides and videos at, under Graphical Displays and Summaries, for basic information on how to use these platforms.)
  2. We plan to analyze the data using various data mining techniques described in future chapters. Prepare the dataset for data mining techniques of supervised learning by creating partitions using the JMP Pro Make Validation Column utility (from the Cols menu). Use the following partitioning percentages: training (50%), validation (30%), and test (20%). Describe the roles that these partitions will play in modeling.