5.2 course project bus 303

Before we start this last part of the project, take a few minutes to watch the following inspirational video, If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed. In this video, Admiral Will McRaven talks about the importance of how one person can change the world. You can be that one person.


Becoming a good leader requires creating a personal leadership action plan. You have taken the first steps in preparing this action plan. You know what leadership is and who among us exhibits the definition of leadership. You have used several self-assessment tools to determine your skill sets, motivations, and personality traits. You also have an idea of the goals you want to accomplish.

Action plans are road maps to success. Your action plan for this course project targets a very organized and systematic development of your leadership skills and qualities. This plan will establish a system of principles that will enhance your vision of leadership and your own leadership positions.

Prepare a two (2)-page report that discusses the following points and questions. Use APA to format your part of your project. An abstract is not necessary. You do not need to use any outside resources. This plan is highly introspective and reflective. If you do use a resource, cite the information from the resource, and include a references page. 

  • Create a summary of what you have learned about yourself as a leader. This summary is how you see yourself today, right now. Would you consider yourself to be a transformational leader, a transactional leader, or a combination of both?
  • How do others see you? Does this view align with how you see yourself?
  • Set your goals. Write them down. Create a list of at least five goals. Assign an area of your life or a “sphere” to each goal. For example, if your goal is to be a better father, then this goal is in your personal sphere. If you want to open your own restaurant, then this goal is in your professional sphere. If you want to continue for a master’s degree, then this goal is in the educational sphere.
  • For each goal, assign an action, or actions, that will help you to reach that goal. In other words, what do you have to do, what steps must you take, in order to reach that goal?
  • Assign a timeline for each goal. Plans mean nothing unless time is defined.
  • Identify any risks or barriers for each goal and/or action. How will you overcome these barriers?
  • Identify any resources you might need for your action plan. For example, would a mentor help you to reach your goals? Would attending a workshop help you to learn the skill you need?
  • Now take your goals a step further and decide how can you align your goals in such a way that you build the capacity to translate vision into reality? How will you inspire others?
  • Imagine it is five years from now. You have met your goals; your action plan worked! You are attending a dinner party given to honor you as “Leader of the Year.” One by one, your coworkers and your family stand up to talk about your contributions to them, to the organization, and to the community.  Reflect back upon your life five years from now. In one paragraph, what will they say about you?  What would you say about yourself?