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Requirements for Phase 1

Your Project Plan must consist of two sections: Problem Analysis, and Preliminary Design. All sections and subsections must be clearly identified with appropriate headers.

Problem Analysis: Include the following subsections:

What are the required outputs?

What are the necessary inputs?

How will you obtain the required outputs from the given inputs?

A preliminary list of variables your program will use, specifying the name, usage, and data type of each variable. Present this information in the form of a table. This preliminary list must include all variables associated with inputs or outputs and any temporary variables that you can identify at this point. (Note: In your final design, you will probably identify additional variables.)

Describe the necessary formulas.

Provide a sample calculation.

Preliminary Design: Provide a preliminary design for the program. Include the following sub sections.

Identify and describe the fundamental tasks needed to solve the problem so you can use a modular design.

Provide a hierarchy chart shown the structure of the program.

An explanation of where and how you plan to use each of (1) conditional statements (2) repetition (loops), (3) arrays, and (4) functions. You must plan for at least one of each.


Note: For meeting the functions requirement, using one or more of the library functions described in the Pseudocode Demo is permitted and in fact recommended. You need not write code for a user-defined function.

PROBLEM ANALYSIS needs to include: In depth Problem Analysis.