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This is an individual assignment only.  Problems for this assignment must be saved in two formats: 1) exported as a .zip file (only when a program is required) AND 2) each specifications file, algorithm, pseudocode, output, and/or source files copied into separate Microsoft Word format files (.doc).  Please note that other formats (such as .odt or .pdf) will not be accepted. 

Choose and type out the solutions for (at least) 5 problems from those attached here.  You may not work with any other students to solve any of the problems attached – even if it is a problem you are not submitting.  Doing so would violate the Academic Policy of Wright State University.  You may, however, request assistance from a course instructor or teaching assistant.

If you wish to be eligible for extra credit at the end of the semester, please make sure you see Dr. Watkins at least once by the end of the 4th week during her office hours. Bring any questions you may have with you.

Facts: Over 90% of people who completed extra credit tasks passed my courses.  Over 65% of people who completed extra credit tasks from previous courses received a final grade of ‘A’.