Course project part 1-initial proposal of research. only the initial

PLEASE READ-I need someone to reply as this project is due in parts. This is part 1. Once other parts are due I will rely on your to complete with your topic choosen. Please A+ work only.

Research shows that people learn effectively when working on real problems grounded in their work experience. To this end, the Individual Course Project is designed to incorporate students’ work experience into the learning process in this course. The project is an opportunity to explore, in-depth, a topic related to the course objectives (COs) that are of significance to your organization (current or former).

You will be required to prepare an 8 to 12 page applied research paper excluding cover page, table of contents, and appendices, on a specific issue related to leadership or organizational behavior. This research paper is to be individually completed.


Think of yourself as an organizational consultant. Assume that a key manager has requested a thorough analysis and recommended course of action to resolve an actual organizational problem. Your goal is to develop recommendations that will make a positive difference to the performance of the organization.

Your research paper should address the following three-course objectives, at a minimum:

Course Objective A – Evaluate how organizational theories and practices can improve organizational operations.

Course Objective B – Analyze how values, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and personality influence decision making in the workplace.

Course Objective D – Analyze the impact of different structures and lines of authority on organizational strategy and culture.

Initial Proposal of Research

An overview of your selected organization and your role in it.

An explanation of why your selected organization is important to you.

A preliminary problem statement in the form of a research question. Consult with your instructor concerning your research question, if needed.

A narrative description of the organizational problem that you would like to research and resolve. How would resolving this organizational problem benefit your organization? What would be the impact to you? This section is the most important and will be the most carefully scrutinized.