Choose only one topic from the following topics for your


Choose ONLY ONE topic from the following topics for your presentation:

NOTE: (Topics are drawn from your project work in order to minimize effort).

1. Current Security Threats     

2. Identify Vulnerabilities in IT Security   

3. Analyzing Malicious Windows Programs  

4. Analyzing Code Constructs in Malware

Please do an audio recording of your presentation with PowerPoint slides.

  • You may use Microsoft PowerPoint software to record your audio on each slide (video is not required). 
  • PowerPoint presentation guidelines:
    • Include title slide
    • Minimum and Maximum of 12 slides including title slide and bibliography. 
    • Notes are required for each slide except title slide.
    • Individual presentations should be timed to end in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.


  • Powerpoint (PPT) (with audio recording) file should be submitted on Canvas by each individual in order to receive a grade for your presentation.
  • Rubric used for grading is posted on Canvas.